Product &
Brand Design

& Motion Design
& Art Direction
& Front-End Dev
& Videography
& Photography
& Music
& Copywriting

Recently I have had the pleasure of working at Joyable, MetaDesign, and am currently at AKQA.


Find someone around you to exercise with.

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How do you retain your best talent? Encourage them to relax.

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Digital therapy and a coach that you can talk to for depression, anxiety, and stress.

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Near Future Summit

Looking to the future by looking into the past.

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Help Yourself, Help Others

HYHO is built around the idea that for every adventure you take, a percentage gets donated to charity of your host and your chosing.

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A social hub for LGBTQ media that is accessible and open to everyone.

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Making highly engineered eksoskeletons approachable using playful poses and sociable shapes.

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World Language Commons

Recreating how language is taught using actual conversation and human interaction.

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Every Last Child

Taking the number of polio victims worldwide down to 0, one tweet at a time.

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Internet of cars that can turn on your air conditioning right as you leave work.

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Other Projects

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I code, I design, I animate, I write, I strategize, I build, I film, I photograph, I make music and I love doing it all at the same time.

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