My name is Haggard.

  • I make things with computers.

    Enter Here

    I did some work at Zinio.


    Making magazines beautiful.

    Bringing long form journalism


    back to mobile devices.

    Ventyx manages electricity.

    Pretty much all of it.

    I got to be their art director

    Ventyx Ventyx Ventyx

    and make interactive campaigns.

    Electricity grids are smarter than ever.

    So we made the first report.

    Dr. Jim helps people.

    Using the power of The Internet.


    Connect with users on a more personal and helpful level. Create a "Ask a doc" campaign on Facebook where Blue Shield teams up with new and veteran MDs and let the users ask general questions. Respond in quick video format within 10-20 minutes of the question. This really hits that blue shield is NOT FOR PROFIT, offering a personal service for free on the internet asking nothing in return.

    Create a character who is a doctor that goes through the entire internet and finds people complaining about their medical problems and give them direct advice in a video reply. It's like Batman in a way, just crawling the internet and helping people that are otherwise getting bad or no advice from places like Yahoo Answers, Youtube, reddit's /r/health/ section, etc.

    Worked with Hub Strategy

    Doctor Jim and Bob Doctor Jim and Bob Doctor Jim and Bob

    I thought of this after seeing a guy lifting weights.


    He looked like Vladmir Putin.


    Here's how it works.

    I'm a maker of things. A lot of things.

    Even more than I can fing.

    Some are for work.

    Olympus Olympus Olympus

    Like this one.

    Others for the lols.

    Internet Gif Internet Gif Internet Gif

    Like these.

    Part-time photographer.

    Full-time lover of humans. More here.


    Jonathan Haggard

    Interaction Designer

    Talk here.