My name is Haggard.

  • I make things with computers.

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    Enter the tale of an American family

    from the Great Depression to present.

    DaRoza Dynasty

    Each face in the background of the website is a person who either donated or tweeted #everylastchild in support of eradicating polio. The massive amount of research by Alyssa, the strategist, informed every piece of design and crafted the touching narrative.

    Our call to fans was to show us their #vroom face. Just grab your phone and drive around with the camera facing you. VROOM VROOM!

    It meant redoing everything. Literally everything. Rethinking how people consume long form content, and how to deliver it in a truly appealing way. How to market it. How to build the pricing model. How to brand without getting in the way.

    Client: Sony

    Role: Interaction, Front End Development

    What a gig. serves as a launching point for Playstation 4, and every campaign run till present.

    Digital scavenger hunts, getting your face painted onto a huge mural, a social central point for console launch and E3, alpha game releases, trending game voting, sickest explosion polls...I can keep going if you want.


    Jonathan Haggard

    Interaction Designer

    Work is the place where my mentor sits to my right, and my mentoree sits to my left. It's a place where cheesy things happen. Stress relieving dance parties when we get handed a deadline. Friends sharing beanbags. My boss and I having the same name and beard. The CEO's adorable parents chaperoning our homecoming party. Knowing that tomorrow Sam's gonna make waffles and I refuse to be intimidated by food. It's a massive hectic sphere with as many projects as personalities.

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