Jonathan Haggard

Freelance Product and Brand Designer

Other Projects

The State of Symbols Joy The Font FingLonger NOW/AigaSF Chronicled Every CSS Color On Alchemy Font Weight Sideways Menu Spinning Nav Wobble Nav Would you trust this man? Exceptionally Clickable Slow Day At Meta Spilling Bee Who Needs A Copy Writer? America Sings TimetoRGB Helvetica Told

Interaction design is motion, call and response, it's building repartee with the user. It's combining design, development, animation, and copywriting to build something truly special.

Brands have personalities and that includes how their app and website act when they're clicked, tapped and resized. It takes a slight touch and a lot of easing curve adjustments but it's worth every refinement.

I work with a variety of clients building and bringing brands to life via The Internet, a place that deserves nice things.

I code, I design, I animate, I write, I strategize, I build, I film, I photograph and I love doing it all at the same time.

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