World Language Commons is a fresh take on learning language based out of Washington D.C. The courses focus on group conversation, and services cater to a range of students from formal training to getting ready for your Paris trip.

A communicative and flexible mark was created by establishing a grid around the world and using it as a framework to create letterforms. The umlats above the world create a anchoring international element that serves as a signature.

Learning a language can be a mess at first, with familiar yet strange sounds seeming hectic. While learning, the student starts to see the underlying structure of the language and pieces things together in a way that they can understand. Absolute fluency of the language is represented by the language's parent nation flag being totally assembled.

The underlying grid structure can be used to create new elements in a subtly distinct style, reinforcing the idea that while language is fluid it does have a set of rules to follow.

The app is structured around registering for classes, viewing progress in existing classes, the ability to complete assignments and view reference material, and register for events hosted by World Language Commons and friends.