Livefyre's agency team was tasked with something new, build an experience for Here Media that would be an outlet for LGBT news that is accessible to anyone. My part in this project involved dissecting successful publishers like The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Qz, and combining the most engaging patterns with Livefyre's social technology. Collaborating with the client we delivered a brand that is poppy, witty and entertaining.

Thorough prototyping, interaction design, and brand strategy was critical in keeping the integrity of the site intact throughout development and launch. Below is a clickthrough prototype built in After Effects to communicate to both client and development how the site should feel, act and transition from state to state.

Editor in Chief – Levi Chambers
Creative Director – Michelle Haft

Created At – Livefyre
Interaction Design – Jonathan Haggard

Each piece of content is easily sharable via social media using Livefyre's social tech. The experience is designed to get people to talk. Conversations can happen on discrete pieces of content and articles are served in synthetic categories. So instead of "Style" as a single category the editorial staff is selecting subject matter in a connected way to narrow categories down to specific ideas like "80's Fashion Comebacks That Actually Work."

The brand of is witty, fresh and quizical. It brings LGBT culture to the masses with a pleasant and bouncy interface. Interactions provide fun repartee and truly have a conversation with the guest.

Editor in Chief Levi Chambers

Strategy Michelle Haft

Creative Jonathan Haggard

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