I've released 6 albums under the name Walter with genres ranging from funk to electronic space operas about my cat. I do everything from the initial idea, instrumentation, down to the arrangement and final production mixing. I'm still learning a lot and I have a long way to go but it's the most satisfying feeling to create music.

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DaRoza Dynasty

I became fascinated with my family's history, and how difficult it was to find any piece of info about events that had become tribal knowledge. The large, and continuing job of capturing, cataloging and beautifully displaying each person's story has taken up most of my free time.

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The State of Symbols

I'm obsessed with symbols and the power they carry. I created this resource for deisgners to learn from the past and to understand the history behind one of the most used visual languages.

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Street Photos

I've spent a lot of time documenting street action with a small camera. I like catching fun moments that otherwise pass by unnoticed.


One of my favorite passtimes is going to The Magazine Store on Larkin street, and buying 50 dollars worth of Life magazines so that I can scan them in and create something unique.

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