Next Issue tasked us at MetaDesign to create a brand that could have an equal presence with Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and even People Magazine while still retaining a voice of its own. A layer behind the content that curates and calls attention as more of an editorial than a newsstand.

How do you get a younger crowd to read magazines? Wait, no. How do you get a younger crowd to read magazine content on their own devices? Careful consideration was taken to curate, display and beautify content that is already at its prime. Like polishing up a muscle car that's been parked in the barn for the past 10 years, magazines are once again living and breathing pieces.

This brand direction takes Next Issue to a place of confidence and authority with their new voice leading the charge of topical issues by taking a stance on world events.

Creative Director Lindsay Gravette

Created At MetaDesign

Interaction Design Jonathan Haggard

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