Joyable, a mental health product, was highly successful as a consumer product, and wanted to expand into the enterprise space in order to reach more people by removing the cost barrier. I lead a brand refresh and designed both brand and interaction systems in both marketing and product design.

The key work I lead at Joyable was to create and maintain a design system that was approachable to 2 key audiences: Benefits Managers and people seeking mental health relief.

Product, Brand, Motion, & UI Design – Jonathan Haggard

I worked with Co-Founder/CEO Pete Shalek to define the main business needs for Joyable as a company in its current transition. Following that I had an all-team meeting where we discussed brand as it was, and where it should be for entering into a B2B role.

This is a critical step in defining a rebrand. It helps me understand where the company in general wants to move, and more importantly where they don't want to move. I also lead user research with potential business partners to gather feedback on the brand and implement changes that would resonate more with benefits managers.

Keeping in mind the brand's consumer heritage which is loved by its clients, I designed the enterprise brand as an elegant counterpoint. By focusing on eyes, the most expressive mechanism people have, the brand shows Joyable's understanding of emotion and mood.

I designed the new brand so that it could be translated down to product level systems, expressing the sentiment of understanding, and the scientific rigor of a warm hug.

I lead the team in a redesign of the product, unifying iOS, mobile web, and desktop. I focused on discrete components that could be mixed and matched to suit whatever needs the design team had. These components were built to be agnostic of platform, which meant that there was no iOS or web specific rulesets, everyone lived under one roof.

This garnered not only a better user experience, but a highly polished product that self-insured business would buy for their employees.

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