IBM Munich Headquarters

The global headquarters of IBM resides in Munich, Germany. It's a place where top-level C-suite are brought to show off the power of Watson's IoT capabilities.

I lead the art direction of each touchpoint in this interactive gallery, as well as the storyboarding and concepting of each experience.

Senior Designer – Jonathan Haggard
Created At – AKQA

The gallery consists of 3 touchpoints. A projection mapped digital twin of the headquarters itself, a projection mapped circular table, and an interactive object gallery.

The design system is based off of the interior architecture, with materials and forms reflecting the physical environment.

The Digital Twin

I established the art direction of this piece to reflect the story an on-site docent would be telling. This story covers the details of how Watson IoT can integrate into an enterprise-level building.

Simultaneously to working on the art direction, I was crafting the visual narrative through storyboarding.

IoT Stories

A large circular table served as a storytelling hub. I created the art direction for these stories, making a visual language that could support telling both figurative and abstract stories that highlight the work that Watson has done with clients like Coca-Cola, KONE, and Samsung. Overall there are 9 stories.

IoT Gallery

A gallery wall hosts 15 IoT-enabled objects. As a guest picks up an object, we reflect that movement in the wall behind the gallery.

For this part of the experience I worked on the shape of the objects, the art direction of the digital experience and the storyboarding for each of the 15 objects.

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