IBM Watson Activations Experience

To futher seat Watson as the go-to AI platform for business, IBM needed a series of experiences that utilized Watson services on real-life data. Our team created 2 experiences based on specific packages of services that are geared for specific business problems.

The design system is directly informed by the work I did on the Watson Primer previously. The core visualization elements are all based off of the circle, which references Watson's base form.

My deep understanding of the client's technology's capabilities was critical in being able to deliver an experience that fit their needs but also wowed participants.

Senior Designer – Jonathan Haggard
Created At – AKQA

I pushed the design system to reach a new level of fidelity in this experience. The visualizations using a circle at their core are now given depth and meaning based on procedural data.

One experience correlated the price of Bitcoin on specific dates to what was happening in the news that day. The other was using Watson to surface insights from popular app's terms of services and privacy policies.

I tightly collaborated with the development team to the execute the design system. My experience working in procedurally generated art and front end development meant that we could come to solutions quickly and efficiently. Above you can see a clickthrough of the live code. The circle visualization was built in WebGL, with a layer of React for the UI.

I crafted the initial concept for the activation's shape and presence, with the IBM's internal team finalizing production on the physical object.

Since this was going to be an accompanying piece to the IBM Watson Primer, it needed to share a design system. I chose the circle since it had a strong connection to the logomark and was used to create interactive visualizations in the Primer.

I developed the look and feel of the data visualizations in After Effects using Trapcode Form and Particular.

I extended the design system to create more robust infographics to show what exactly is going on underneath the hood of these experiences.

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