Polio is still a problem. Pakistani health professionals are being ridiculed, harmed, and hunted while administering the vaccine due to misinformation and propaganda. Parents are terrified of contacting aid workers due to the Taliban's presence and policy of harassment. Livefyre's agency team was initiated to use social chatter for good and spread awareness of an issue that is unheard.

Creative Director – Michelle Haft

Created At – Livefyre
Interaction Design – Jonathan Haggard

An experience of confidence and hope contrasted with structured medical severity was built to show that real human beings are affected today. The goal of the site is to get the twitter community to watch the documentary Every Last Child filmed by Image Nation so that we can take the number of affected to 0.

Each face in the background of the website is a person who either donated or tweeted #everylastchild in support of eradicating polio. The depth of research by Alyssa Ackerman informed every piece of design and crafted the touching narrative.

Polio was thought to have been completely eradicated, but the water conditions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria have harbored the virus for years. This destination site is used to both spread awareness of polio, as well as promote an incredible documentary.

Creative Direction Image Nation

Strategy Alyssa Ackerman

Interaction Design Jonathan Haggard

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