Ekso Bionics is a leading builder of exoskeletons, suits that help stroke patients and spinal cord injury survivors learn to walk again, and industrial workers to not have as much strain on their bodies on long jobs.

Creative Director – Lindsay Gravette
Illustrator – Justina Leišytė

Created At – MetaDesign
Brand Design – Jonathan Haggard

The extended line from Ekso represents the foundation that the brand is built upon. It provides balance and structure to whatever element it houses. The logotype can easily be drawn by anyone, the ease of translating the logo’s form speaks to the ease of use the product has. The logotype can be locked up with verbs to make the system more actionable.

The geometric assets are based on the type Replica, featuring chamfered edges to provide a proprietary symbol set that can be used across any platform. The shapes interact with one another, each acting as a catalyst to speed up or instigate motion on behalf of each other. This ladders up to Ekso Bionic’s ability to speed up the development of a stroke survivor.

Patients are featured interacting with geometric shapes, with a large shape behind them representing the exoskeleton - this is a subtle clue to the viewer that the featured patient is able to move in a way that they couldn’t have before. The photography style for patients is fluid, dance-like. Drawing focus to the human body in motion. This persona could be any of their target patients - but the idea is that this person is caught in an exclamation. Whether it’s a grandma laughing holding a birthday cake or a young stroke survivor that can find themselves able to dance.

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