Based off of a book of prompts, this app encourages children and adults going through traumatic times in their lives to confront their emotions in a safe space. Initially created for children, this product is extensible to all ages.

An emotion gate asks the user how they are feeling. Depending on their current mood, certain prompts would be surfaced. If they are angry about having to stay in a hospital overnight, let them express that anger. If they are simply bored, prompts that are more fun will be shown.

A vibrant and simplified interface was created using the principles of Material Design. From this screen the user would be able to flick through prompts, see the family and friends they have invited to see their entry's reactions, or start a new blank canvas.

The creation interface has been paired down to a few critical tools. Some prompts are specific and require steps to be completed in a certain manner. Here the user is being asked to show what helps them get through the day.

Since most users of this product are away from their loved ones, we included the ability for invited friends and family to leave video responses to entries.

Created At Propeller

Product Design Jonathan Haggard

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