Ventyx is a global company partnered with ABB. It is software that monitors the health and condition of expensive assets like power generators, electrical grids, substations, you know the stuff that keeps us looking at glowing screens.

The thing about a global company is that in order to understand it you must travel the world. Interviews, photography and on-site UX testing were conducted to get a look into how a spectrum of users from hydroelectric research scientists to boots-on-the-ground electrical technicians used Ventyx's software.

How do you inform the world of something so revolutionary that it could change the way we turn on light switches forever? Start a roadshow.

Working together with Duncan Channon a cutting edge brand was built from the ground up to reflect the combination of Ventyx's software with ABB's presence in the electrical hardware industry.

Creative Director Jon Anderson

Creative Agency Duncan Channon

D/C Design Director Lindsay Gravette

Interaction Design Jonathan Haggard

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