When it's cold and you're leaving for work, a little robot connected to your car will start warming up your house and text your significant other that you're leaving now and should be home in a procedurally generated ETA. It's the next step in the internet of things, with your driving behaviors at the center of everything.

A brand and design system built on a rogue sense of humor and a fondness for motion distilled a complex product to something my mom can understand.

Creative Director – Lindsay Gravette
Copywriter – Cori Johnson

Created At – MetaDesign
Interaction Design – Jonathan Haggard

A vibrant and bold approach was taken with an irreverent tone of voice staking a claim in the ground saying we are the solution. Automatic set out to be the de facto technology for developers to create applications to tie their car to the rest of their life.

Apps on apps on apps. Not only does Automatic tie in with the rest of your highfalutin lifestyle it could one day save your life with its core feature set including calling loved ones and an ambulance when it detects a crash.

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